Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Ready


We enjoyed a fun time at the church’s annual block party. In years past we always missed this even for one reason or another, this year though, I was determined to get Selena over there. She had a lot of fun playing with all the children, and really proved her basketball abilities in their basketball challenge. I guess we have found one more sport to consider getting Selena into.

I’ve been really wanting to get back into school since we came home from vacation, but Selena just hasn’t had the mindset to sit down and study. We’ve had such beautiful weather that I truly do not blame her, but we will make ourselves get back into the classroom the first of September.

We have many changes in the process here, and while some are exciting some are sure to cause one little girl some anxieties and take a while to adjust. Papa will be finishing up the training of the new employee that will take his position and be moving to his new office here soon. This will also bring about a change in his work schedule, so I am sure it will take awhile for all of us to adjust.

I’ve been working hard to learn everything I need to learn for my new job as Property Manager. While it will be an ongoing learning process for me, we are also determining what aspects of this position I can do now and which ones I will have to wait until Papa retires to take on. I am just very thankful for a landlord who is willing to work with us on this aspect.

I’ve been shopping for a new computer, it is a goal that we have a few things that we want before Papa retires, such as new furniture, a new TV (which we got at Christmas), a new computer for me, and my old computer transferred over to it’s new user, Selena, and the last thing on the list is a tablet. I’ve narrowed my search for a computer down to this computer. I should have it within the next few weeks, then Selena will be the proud owner of my current computer.

Another goal of mine is to pay either more or less time with my blog. I know less time would probably mean I would step totally away from blogging, I won’t delete my blog and might update every so often. I have struggled with my blog over the past year and as Selena is getting older we really feel the need to allow her to make choices over the things we share about here on the blog. To pay more attention to my blog, may be in the form of completely moving forward to a different style of blogging. Will I keep it here or move to another blog is yet to be determined.

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  1. I'll be curious to see what you decide on your blog.

    That's a lot of change going on all at once, hopefully Selena will cope well with all of it.

  2. I am also curious as to what you decide. Clearly, lately I decided to give more time to blogging, but I wonder sometimes about privacy and Anna's reaction to all the stories I share. She actually doesn't really have a good idea of what blog is and what I write. Good luck with all the changes, hopefully, they will get you to a peaceful place.