Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vacation 2013

We headed out on our vacation early Friday morning. Selena, while excited still was pretty nervous about the trip. Half way through the drive she worked herself into a pretty upset stomach and we had to pull off in the nearest town to clean her up and change her clothes. We then made the rest of the drive with her only complaining about how far we were going. It was a long drive after all since we went a total of 420 miles to get clear up to the river.


Even Selena enjoyed the scenery. We were able to watch deer across the river every morning, fish swimming in the river along with birds swooping into the river to catch fish to eat. She loved staying up late and sitting around the bonfire and even tried her very first marshmallow mores, (as she called them.) She loved watching as the sun went down and the stars slowly started appearing, a few here, then more and more until the skies were all lit up with stars. She hoped to see a shooting star, but unfortunately she didn’t get to.

DSCF1936  You bet she enjoyed swimming in the river and even went on her very first boat ride. She wasn’t sure about the life jacket, but once it was on and the boat was off, she couldn’t resist standing the entire time just to see where we were going. Even when her cousin turned the boat quickly, she refused to sit down, she absolutely loved the boat ride.


While she has seen all her Uncles and Aunts she really didn’t remember many but Uncle Bill. She was pretty excited to visit with all of them. It was fun to watch her have serious conversations with her Uncle Ken, as well as trying to imitate her Uncle Bill.



On Sunday we left the river and drove back to Spokane, where we had full use of my brother’s house. We had time to clean up and get ready to go meet Selena’s little brother. They both had so much fun playing in the park, and I have to say that there is no mistaking that these two are not related, even right down to their personalities.




On Monday, we had to say farewell to Uncle TJ and Marie. That was hard but I know they are off on a new beginning. Marie got her first teaching position as a 1st grade teacher in Arizona. They left early Tuesday with the U-haul truck loaded. We wish them the best.

Our final adventure before coming home was for Selena to see her mom.



Third Generation Picture.



It was fun to watch them play, and hear Selena call her Mama Kristi. I think it was good for our daughter to hear Selena tell her how she came to live with grandma and grandpa. Selena explained how she was born in her tummy and then she gave her to grandma and grandpa. Why was this so important? I think deep inside Kristi was worried that Selena would think so horrible of her, but now she knows that no matter what, Selena loves her and that no matter what she will always be her Mama Kristi.

We made it home at 8:00 Tuesday night. After being in the HOT weather of Spokane, it seemed pretty cold at home. It was a very nice vacation but I admit it was nice to get home and NO, I do not miss Spokane enough to move back.

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  1. It is wonderful to have all that time with relatives. Does one of your family now have Selena's little brother? I have been praying for him.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation, and I'm glad Selena got some time with her mom, and that eased everyone's feelings.

  3. Wow, it sounds like a very busy time but fun time for Selena. How is she adjusting to a quiet life back home?