Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School


After two days of being stuck in the house while we had the roof replaced on our house, Selena could hardly contain herself on Sunday as she explored the yard. She was chasing butterflies, to trying to make mud pies when she came across this grasshopper. She was so thrilled when it sat upon her hand so she could bring it to the porch to show us. That evening she announced that we would start school the following day. I figured we would wait until September 1st to start school, but with Selena being so excited about it all I could say was fine tomorrow is the first day of school.

Sure enough yesterday morning Selena jumped out of bed, ate breakfast, and headed to her desk for school. Our first day really consisted of taking a look at what 2nd grade would look like in our home. We didn’t really open any books, but just talked and discussed what we would be and what we would like to be learning this year.

Selena received her first ever spelling word list, which she did copy very neatly from the board onto her new spelling notebook. She wasn’t sure what spelling was all about but when she discovered that most of the words on the list she already knows how to spell but maybe 1 word, she was thrilled. She is already talking about her spelling test on Friday, this coming from my child who dreaded even reading test on the page in her workbooks.

We are looking forward to a great year of learning and having fun.

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  1. Good luck with your second grade! I hope Selena will continue to be excited with her new curriculum.

  2. My kids have been doing their first real spelling,and the kids have been tolerating it.

    It's so fun that she's excited about school!