Saturday, November 20, 2010

What My Child is Reading


Since Selena has been sick this week, I have tried to come up with things to keep her mind off not feeling very well, otherwise all she does is whine and complain. We have done a lot of various activities. Since she has been more content to just sit I thought we could encourage our reading skills. I pulled out some of the real simple level 1 readers that I have in my personal hidden library. We also used some of the level 1 readers that I reviewed in this post. hotdog Hot Dog by Molly Coxe, was the easiest book I pulled out. The text is very easy and Selena found it very easy to read. From Dog is Hot. Boy is not. to Dog is cool. In the Pool. This book I truly considered to be more of a confidence builder.

hoganddog Hog and Dog by Diane Wright Landolf, was similar to Hot Dog, but with a little more text and a different blend of phonics including some Z words. Again Selena found it very easy to read. It also had a little more of a story line to it where Hog and Dog discover a friendship at the end.

It is wonderful to see Selena’s confidence in reading explode. Even new books that she hasn’t seen before, nor heard us read are becoming easier for her to read by herself. I always try to look for level 1 books that are going to build her confidence with words she knows, then advance on to books that introduce new words, and letter blends. We work our way up to harder level 1 books and into level 2 books where she needs a little more assistance, but it never ceases to surprise her when she finds these harder books easier and easier to read. This is how I promote independence reading.

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  1. We've sort of had to work backwards because JC wasn't interested in easy readers. Once she was hooked on reading more challenging books, she's come around to reading easy readers with confidence. I like it because we can finally go over some phonics rules she missed.

    Have you checked out Mo Willems books? They are easy to read funny for young children!

  2. We have read those books too. I wish the leveled readers were more consistent. Level 1 in one series might be too easy, but level 1 in another series is challenging. It's frustrating.

  3. I have to admit in our house being sick is a lot of cuddling and tv watching

    But the books look fun

  4. Early on we really liked Margaret Hillert easy books, since they cover variety of topics using a limited set of words. However, they are not phonics reader but rather based on frequently used words. It's exciting that Selena is more and more interested and able to read independently. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  5. I'll have to check for these books at our library. I'm trying to find more books that M can start to read. I second the suggestion of Mo Willems books - particularly the piggy and elephant books.

  6. I usually don't leave links to posts from my blog, but I'd like to share this one with you. You may find books for Selena. The Now I'm Reading Series incorporates a lot of blends with phonics. I use these books when I tutor.