Sunday, November 21, 2010

Activities With a Sick Child

Selena has only been sick a few times in her almost 4 years of life. She has only had 2 ear infections, and a couple bouts of stomach flu. I think this is truly her first real official viral cold she has ever had. It has been difficult for her as she just does not understand what it means to feel so bad. It has been difficult for me as I try to find things for her to do that doesn’t require a lot of energy that will make her cough more. She isn’t one to just sit idol, so it has been a very interesting week. She has been more cuddly then usual so we have used these times to read. She also enjoyed pulling her chalk board our and drawing on it for awhile.

Friday she asked if she could practice buttoning buttons. This is something we have worked on in the past, but she has shown little interest in it until Friday. I was very impressed with how improved her fine motor skills are.

100_3912 100_3913 100_3914 She was so proud of herself when she managed to button this in the first try. The last time we did this activity she just didn’t have enough control to pull the button through the hole without pushing it back through, and ended up getting frustrated.

Selena informed me today she needs new Kumon workbooks. She has almost completed the ones we have. It is fun to watch as her skills in these have improved as well. She is no longer as selective over what pages she will work on, but moves smoothly from one page to the next.

100_3924 100_3928I found her unused number Kumon workbook that evening, she loved doing the dot to dots with Papa, then started working on numbers 1 – 8. She found the number 8 to be a little more difficult then she thought it would be so the book and her crayons are sitting on the table. She promised she would practice more tomorrow.

What type of activities do you do with your little one when they are not feeling well? 

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  1. It sounds like she's growing up! As for activities, JC likes to draw and listen to stories but if she's really really sick, I hold her while we watch a video together. She also naps when she's ill which usually doesn't do.

  2. Aww, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. Our son has had about a zillion viral colds. It usually means more computer time, and occasionally homemade brownies. I just asked for Kumon workbooks for my son's 3rd birthday, and am looking forward to showing them to him. I think he'll love them. Oh, I also did a fun button craft awhile back. I should pull mine out.

  3. Lots of cuddling and movies. But it's a rare thing here too

  4. Aw poor Selena! My daughter gets sick quite least a couple times a year. She also gets very cuddly and wants to held a lot. We read and watch movies and usually she sleeps a lot more than usual.

  5. I hope Selena is getting better. Anna is also a fairly healthy child. My husband convinced me that giving her fever reducers is not a great idea unless the fever is really high. After all, fever is a natural attempt of our bodies to burn off the intruders. So... we give her a lot of fluids and let her sleep. When she is awake, we read to her, watch TV or bundle her in and take her outside for some change of scenery.