Friday, November 19, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner


Our week started out strong with a fun math activity to look at odd and even numbers and patterns. Selena even enjoyed practicing her writing, working on some mazes in her Kumon Workbooks, and did a lot of coloring. Then things just seemed to go by the way side there. I had some great plans and ideas for this week, to start looking at the the first pilgrims and to start a Thanksgiving theme.

Our little earthquake began the distraction, while I used this experience as an opportunity to explain to Selena what earthquakes are, why they happen, and what to do in one all she really got out of it was they are scary and we hide under the table. We didn’t think at first that we sustained any damage until Wednesday night when a water pipe under the house broke. I had heard a little water running in the bathroom after the quake but figured maybe the toilet was just running a bit. Wednesday evening when we through a load of wash in, the pipe really broke and the water gushed. Since it is under the house there is no water damage, but we are without running water until they get it fixed.

Selena came down with the nasty cold that I fought for almost three weeks. She is feeling pretty rough, and sleep does not come easy with her stuffy little nose. We did get up Thursday morning to discover a tiny bit of snow, so she was all about making snowflakes. Maybe I can get my lesson plans in next week before Thanksgiving. If not we will just have to study it after Thanksgiving before we move on to Christmas.

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  1. I hope she is feeling better.

    No running water? Yikes! I hope it's fixed soon.

    I love Kumon workbooks.

  2. My heart goes out to Selena, colds are no fun! But, I bet she was happy to the snow flakes in the air.

  3. Still no running water. I'm sorry, that's got to be hard.

    Hope Selena feels better. I think Superman is coming down with something.

  4. Tough week. I hope Selena feels better soon. What does she like to do when she feels under the weather?