Friday, May 7, 2010

What We Are Reading

We didn’t go to the library this week. We just didn’t find time to fit it into our schedule nor between rain and wind storms. I did dig out some First readers to share with Selena this week.

Ilikebugs When I first showed this book to Selena, she didn’t want me to read it because it said “I like Bugs!” She told me “NO, I don’t like bugs!” We read it anyway. She ended up enjoying the book and discovered it wasn’t as icky as she thought it would be. She would have loved to look at it more, but we will have to do that together as I discovered the pages are starting to fall out. I guess it has had some good use!

Eloise I remember Kay Thompson’s Eloise books from when my daughter was young. Eloise Breaks Some Eggs is a cute story about a little rich girl, who’s Nanny decided it is time for her to learn to cook. I got the feeling some of the disaster came from Eloise’s rebellious side, but Selena got a laugh out of the mess she made. This like the first book is a easy read for any first time readers.

Wildbaby Wild Baby Animals by Karen Wallace, was Selena’s favorite book. She wanted to go to the zoo so bad, she was ready to put her coat on and just head out the door. Even though I explained we didn’t live real close to the zoo, she still insisted we go. I did the next best thing and pulled this book out. Selena had fun naming all the animals, and their babies. She also enjoyed learning all the different facts about the baby animals. She couldn’t wait for Papa to get home to hand him the book and tell him all the facts she learned from this book, such as she informed him that baby kangaroos are as tiny as a bee when born. I really recommend this book, as it does such a great job of introducing baby animals.

Ducklingdays Another Karen Wallace Book, Duckling Days ended up being another hit with Selena. She enjoyed the pictures and especially the one’s showing the ducklings being hatched. I loved how this book went into so much detail just like the book above, but really kept it simple for the young mind. Again I would recommend this book for any child asking questions about ducks.

I am linking up to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns and also Feed Me Books Friday.

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  1. I think my youngest's reaction to I Like Bugs, would be the same as Selenas.

  2. Cute books this week. I may look for a couple of these for C to read to M. I'm sure she'd love the ones about baby animals!

  3. Oh I hope she get to go the zoo sometime! The zoo is our favorite place. We've been 4 times already. We need to get that book so that she can learn more. The pictures look like they are really good.

  4. I always like books that give you a good amount of information for this age range, but don't overwhelm. It's so hard to find the perfect balance.

  5. Great choices. I have to try some Eyewitness Easy Readers with Anna - she is a lot more open to non-fiction now than she used to be. It's interesting that Selena liked non-fiction books better than fiction easy readers - it might be that other stories were too simplistic for her.