Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We have had so much fun with just free play here the last several days. Selena today said, “I like being a cheerleader.” I asked her why? She said, “Because I can tell you to go away. Go Go Go Go away grandma, Go Go Go!”

After having Papa home for 4 days strait, Selena was really missing him today. Tonight when he got home, she kept running to him, “Papa I need to ask Mama to get me some milk, or Papa I need Mama to help me.” I turned around and said, “Selena Mama is right here, why do you go to Papa if you want me?” She just said, “I don’t know.” as she ran right past me to go tell Papa she needed my help with something yet once again.

Tonight while Selena was creating her Santa list for the 100th time, she listed she wants a camera to take real pictures with, dolls, and a bike with pedals, handle bars, and training wheels. I looked at her and said, you got a bike last year, do you really think you need a new bike again this year? She informed me that Santa brings bikes every year.

She looked out and seen some of the neighbors have Christmas lights up already, she yelled, “It’s Halloween again!”

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  1. How funny that she thinks Santa brings bikes every year!!!

    I love that she wanted Papa's attention, but really wanted your help!!

  2. It's so fun to see what comes out during free play. Anna absolutely refuses to write the letter to Santa Claus. She says that she will be fine with whatever she brings. I think she is a bit intimidated by Santa :)

  3. Wow, Santa is a very busy guy to be bringing bikes every year.

  4. My children don't believe in Santa, but I think they might be tempted if they thought there were bikes involved :)

  5. It sounds like she likes Christmas traditions like bikes every year.