Wednesday, December 1, 2010



I found out that my dear husband is going to buy me a new printer for Christmas. I am so excited, and so is Selena. We spent our time this week organizing and discussing where we want to go next with our Scrapbook. We reorganized a few things, and we both feel we are ready to go.

We don’t realize how dependent we are on something until we don’t have it. It has really drove me half crazy not having a printer that works. It will be very nice to have a working one again.

Since Papa and I always buy for each other in the manner of picking our gift out ourselves, I will probably be ready to get started again next week. No sense putting our presents under the tree when we buy them ourselves. Oh we do give each other stocking stuffers which are secret until Christmas morning.

How exactly do we decide what we will buy for each other? Well, we make a list of what we need or want. Papa goes through my list, while I go through his. He picks one thing from my list that he knows I could really use or that I really want, while I am doing the same thing with his list. We announce what the one item is on Thanksgiving Day. Then we can start looking for that item at the best price.

Some years we have had the same items listed on our lists. When this happens we just buy the one item we both want such as our TV, the Wii, and numerous other household items.

Check back next week and hopefully we will have an actual geography post up! In the mean time Selena and I would love to read what your children are studying.

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  1. How great to get that as an early present!

  2. I love the way you do that. My husband and I stopped buying gifts for each other last year. We usually just buy things when we need them so it seemed silly to buy each other gifts. I think your idea would be fun for us though. Maybe next year.

  3. T thinks it's funny that you would have a Wii on your list - I guess he thought it was just for children :) Very neat tradition, by the way!

  4. This is awesome that you are getting a printer as a present - I can see that it's pretty hard to live without one while homeschooling. We also discuss our mutual desires and decide on the gift for the family, but we still have some secret presents for each other.