Monday, November 29, 2010

What My Child Is Reading

During my break from the computer we spent a lot of time hanging out and reading. Selena taught Grandpa how to play the Wii, well anyway her Wii game. Michael tried to get Selena interested in football, but his efforts were useless, she is very much like me and does not care for football at all, give her baseball or basketball any day.

Then Papa and I caught up on some much needed time to discuss some personal matters going on in our lives right now. We have some things on our plate that no, I am not discussing on my blog but it is sure nice when it feels that things are spinning out of control, a nice evening of discussing it with Michael can make me feel a great sense of being grounded again. He always has a way of letting me talk through the issues at hand, then bringing me back down to earth so to say.

I escaped on Saturday for a much needed trip to the library. I stopped myself at 10 books, believe me I could have continued to browse and find more, but I have had to set my limits or we never seem to totally enjoy them all. Hey and I even got some Christmas books, which I will share later on. I thought no way am I missing holiday books again. It is sad when our library only offers two small cubbies on the shelves that are devoted to the Holidays. Since the schools share our library holiday books are hard to get your hands on.


Never Trust A Squirrel by Patrick Cooper, illustrated by Catherine Walters was a real book full of suspense. It is a story about a guinea pig who doesn’t listen to his mom and ventures out to play with a squirrel. The squirrel leads him right into danger but mom comes to the rescue. This really opened a great discussion between Papa and I with Selena on why she should always listen to the advice of Papa and I, because one never knows when danger lurks around the corner. Selena really feared for the guinea pig, but was very happy when his mom saved him.


When Sheep Sleep by Laura Numeroff, illustrations by David McPhail is a story about a little girl who is having a hard time going to sleep. She decides to count sheep, but they are asleep, so she decides to count all sorts of different farm animals instead. Only problem is they are all asleep as well, by the time she finishes going through her list of animals to count she finally is tired and falls asleep herself. I have to admit while it wasn’t a top winner in the house it was a cute story.

Jellybeans The Jellybeans and the Big Dance by Laura Nueroff and Nate Evans Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger is the first book in the Jellybeans series. Selena enjoyed the Jellybeans so well when we first read it and Natalie from Mouse Grows Mouse Learns told me about this book. I had put it on hold, and actually forgot about it since it took so long for it to come into the library. It is the story about how the Jellybeans meet each other, through dance class. Each girl has their own interest, but with a clever idea of sharing Jellybeans they learn to use their different interests to become friends and help each other through a dance recital. Selena enjoyed this book as well as she did the second book “The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza.”

We look forward to starting to read the Christmas books we were able to get. If you know of any good Christmas books please share in your comment. I would like to see if I can reserve some early so we do not go another Christmas with only a few Christmas books.

To see what others are reading head on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! It's great when you get a chance to talk through issues at hand and find the right way forward. I appreciate those honest talks here too. I don't see the first book you reviewed being popular here - Anna hates suspense :)

  2. That first book sounds really cool. It'd be a good lesson for my kids.

  3. I'm glad you got some Christmas books! We just read Duck and Goose It's Time for Christmas - it's a board book - but it's sooo cute, we checked it out anyway.