Monday, May 31, 2010

Would you say

It is about time for our box to go out of the house?

Remember our box? For those of you who do not know about our box and it’s beginning in our home you can read all about that here. Anyway the other night I  over heard Selena stating, “I am a walking house!”

I turned to find this:

100_2886 100_2888

Papa wanted to tape the box back up to add to it’s life for Selena, but he met with reluctance. In fact Selena went as far as to remove the tape he had put on the box. She likes it just the way it is.

I am pretty sure this box is getting closer and closer to heading out to the garbage, when, I don’t know as Selena refuses to even listen to anything about this box going bye bye! I even tried to entice her by asking her if she wanted to decorate her box, no not even that, she likes it just as it is!

Just so you know just prior to posting this I caught Selena tearing pieces off the box, so yes, it is now officially in the garbage. She’s already asked for a new one!

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