Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reading/Spelling Fun

I have mentioned before that we play Boggle Jr for reinforcing the phonics we are learning for reading. I have never taken any pictures before though as I am usually so involved in the game. This time though Selena played it all by herself and I thought I would capture her progress.

100_2913 The basic idea behind this game is the child sees a picture of an object. Now there are three letter words on one side of the cards, but we have advanced to the four letter words. Selena got the picture of a tree and had to use the dice to successfully spell tree. I generally role the dice for her, but this day she just picked through the dice to find the letters.

100_2919 100_2921 100_2923 After they spell the word, they can take the card and check to see if they are correct. Selena loves this game, and is very quick to find the letters and letter blends needed to spell the words pictured on each card. Sometimes she just takes the cards and studies the words, while she studies them, she pronounces them phonetically and explains to me most all of the letter blends.

When we were done with this game, Selena informed me, “Mama I need to learn to button!” I was trying to think of anything I had with large buttons on it, or at least large enough ones that her little hands could handle easily. I found this jacket of mine hanging on the coat rack, it wasn’t the best choice, but she took it and practiced anyway.

100_2908 100_2909 She came so close to getting the button through the button hole. She had it half way through the hole, then pushed it back through with the other hand. She will definitely continue to work on this skill and I bet just like the zipper on her coat, she will get the hang of this quickly as well.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about Boggle Jr. - C has a birthday coming up, I think I'll pick it up for her :)

  2. Your posts about Boggle jr. really make me want to get it. I think I'll be patient and keep an eye out for the game in local Goodwills and hte like.
    My kids have yet to express interest in buttoning.

  3. Oh man I have seen this at 2 2nd hand stores recently and I didn't pick it up. Mental note get Boggle Jr.