Sunday, May 30, 2010

Revisiting Some of Our Science

I wanted to get outside and revisit a couple of the Science experiments we did. Unfortunately our weather did not cooperate, so we made our observations through the windows.

Remember when we did this:

100_2671 Yes, when we dissected the Rhododendron to discover, small flowers and seeds. Well today Selena observed this:

100_2883 100_2884

How about when we dissected the fern, with the hypothesis that these curious looking growths were seed pods, only to discover that they were new little leaves.

100_2557 Upon looking out our back door Selena discovered this:


Some of her observations were, “They grew bigger!” “The Flowers are growing!”

She then took this and informed me “Mama, I am growing too.” I asked her how are you growing? She answered, “I am getting taller.” She went on to make the observation that, “Mama you are not getting taller.” I explained that this is right that at a certain age we stop growing. She then informed me that “Papa is the tallest, you’re taller, and I am just getting tall.”

We have not been able to get outside much at all here of late, all we have had is rain and cold weather. I had to chuckle at Selena on Thursday, she looked outside, the sun had just popped out from behind a cloud, she announced, “Let’s go ride my bike, the sun is….gone again.” She couldn’t even get the complete sentence out of her mouth before the sun was again covered by the dark gray clouds.

I am linking up at Adventures in Mommydom’s Science Sunday.

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  1. We're with you in the rainy weather - and ready for some summer sun!

  2. My kids love to see plants grow. My daughter is always saying she will grow tall like Cinderella.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  3. We have been lucky with lots of sun lately. I can't complain. I hope you get some soon.

    We enjoy seeing the plants change and blossom and grow too!

  4. oh poor Selena, it's hard when all you get is rain.

    Okay, very cool that you can do all of these follow-ups on what she's observed before.

  5. What great observations. I hope you get some warm sunshine soon!

  6. Selena is awesome about making connections with her observations. I hope she gets to go on a bike ride soon.