Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Geography/History #16

Selena and I took a little break this week from our postcards. We had a very fun Geography lesson playing with some new toys that Selena received from some friends of ours.

100_2629Selena received all these small doll houses complete with furniture, little people and all the accessories to make her own little town. There is a hotel, beauty salon, candy store, pet shop, cafe, cottages, and a dance studio. There are 8 little houses all together. This comes with a mat that lays on the floor with streets so we had fun making our own little town. We discussed maps, and how this could be any town or city she wanted it to be. She decided it was just “Selena’s City.” With the ice cream truck that came with it and other little cars that she has, she had fun driving from business to business. She can change the look and feel of her city in any fashion she wants to. A great hands on introduction to Geography.



After our play time with this, she spent quite a long time playing with it by herself. Then she discovered the box it came in. Her box has been everything from a hiding place, batting box for baseball, car, and just a dream place to lay and watch the imaginary clouds on our ceiling.

100_2630 100_2631 Where is Selena?


There she is!

We would love to have you link up what adventures you and your child or children have taken this week through Geography or History. Link up your post in the McKlinky below and we will be around to visit!

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  1. I love that! All those toys, and the box wins out :) But, I also like how you used the houses as a hands on mapping lesson - good idea.

  2. My does she look coy in that first picture.
    I love hands on lessons like that. I've thought about doing that a couple of times with Legos or something, but I think they'd get too distracted by the toys.

  3. You are so lucky to have such generous friends. I am sure Selena will have hours and hours of play with this town over years. Anna also enjoys boxes, especially the ones where she can hide - cute pictures :)

  4. Great way to teach about maps! I may try this with M as she still doesn't grasp the concept of maps yet. C was so into geography and maps at this age but she just hasn't been interested. She does love pretend play, though, so I'm guessing this might be the angle to take with her. Thanks!

  5. Fun toy and great hands on geography/map reading!