Thursday, March 25, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

We have been pretty laid back this week with our schooling. We had several days in a row that we were blessed with some wonderful Spring weather so we spent a lot of time outside. Selena rode her bike, we went on several walks, and explored the world around us.


book2 Selena has been working hard on her second book and is now able to read through the first half of the book by herself. She has gone from needing help on about 4 words, to only needing help with 1 or 2, basically the, and has. We will continue on with the second half of the book next week, and if she is able to finish it up we will be able to look at book 3.


math1 math2 We found this fun activity in our new High Five magazine we got this week. Selena had fun using real coins, reinforcing her knowledge of the name of the coins, and following the directions on these pages. She wasn’t that interested in trying to make her own pictures using the coins, but we had fun using these pre-made ones.


Alabama2 We moved on with our postcards and took a look at Alabama. Selena is still confused over the fact that there is a Montesano Washington and a Monte Sano Alabama. We will leave the State of Alabama for now and move onto a new State next week. Selena looks so forward to her Geography which I find really exciting. Her scrapbook is coming along nicely.


100_2258 Selena enjoyed her science experiment on the stomach. She has so much fun with these simple little science experiments, and even if she doesn’t take a lot away from them as far as science, she is learning great skills for learning, such as concentration, attention to detail, asking questions, and following directions. Science is a great way of teaching children how to learn, it is fun, easy, and who knows even you might learn something new.


100_2275 After a long Craft Strike, Selena decided she wanted to make a craft. We made a bouquet of butterflies. She has them in a vase in the center of our table and admires them every day. I am hoping that we will be working more art into our weeks and that she doesn’t go on another art strike again.


I have just left Selena’s Kumon pages out, well in her new art drawer, and she has pulled them out daily with her crayons. She is getting pretty good with the first set of letters. I believe next week I will add some new one’s for her to work on. This has been working really well, I am glad to see more of the independent work from her. She never really wanted to work on any type of workbook type pages independently before.


Even though we are not taking any dance lessons right now, Selena still puts her tap shoes on and practices almost daily. She is really getting more balance and confidence in herself. I am hoping that this practice and confidence will prepare her for the semi try outs for the new dance school, so she can start that this fall. Though she is now disappointed that she will not be taking tap but ballet instead, I think once she gets going it won’t matter. I have made up my mind that if she truly enjoys the ballet as much as she is enjoying the tap that when she gets a bit older and can handle more then one class I will transfer her to a school that will offer both, yes, this will mean driving 40 miles one way, but I feel it would be worth it for her.

As I said we spent as much time outside as we could when the weather was nice. Selena would have loved to go outside today but it started raining just as I figured it would. We did have a lot of fun laughing and playing inside though. I love to just sit and watch Selena using all the new skills she is learning every week in her play, choices, and creativity.

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  1. Looks like a fun week! Glad you are having good weather - isnt' it great to be able to get them outside? Thanks for mentioning the coin activity in the magazine - we got it too, and I meant to work with it, but completely forgot! We'll put it on the list for next week! Have a good weekend.

  2. It looks like you had a very nice week. When my Little Cheese was little and it was warm enough, I would throw old shoes on her and give her an umbrella and let her dance in the rain! Tapping is so much fun in puddles!

  3. I am glad you got to enjoy some nice weather too. We also did coins in High 5. She has this tendency to treat this magazine simply as a reading material. She read all the questions about the coins, but I had to force her to provide the answers. She did it correctly but very reluctantly, and she wasn't really interested, so I dropped the matter for now.

  4. What a fun week! SO exciting that she is doing so well with reading :)

  5. Ballet lessons, how exciting!
    I need to get that issue of High 5, and then put it in our budget next month to subscribe. It's rather ridiculous to keep buying the individual issues.

  6. I love the butterfly bouquet- its so pretty!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration for a craft. I think dance lessons are GREAT for little ones, especially when they enjoy them. You also inspire me to bring more science into our house, we are greatly lacking.

  8. What a fun week! I still really love the flowers :-) The only thing we got to this week was writing on the sliding glass door with the window makers :-P

  9. Thank you for all the encouragement you leave on my blog. It really helps! The money projects in your High Five magazine look fun. Do you enjoy the magazine in general? And, what readers are you using with Selena (sorry if you said before and I missed it)?