Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandma’s Letter to Selena


3 yrs 3 mos

My Dearest Selena,

I have watched you do so much growing in this past few months. From the time you turned 3 years old in December until today, you have matured into your own little individual. You have such a sense of confidence and are not afraid to try new things everyday. At the same time you still hold on to that sweet innocence that brings so much joy to me as I watch you continue to explore the world around you.

I love the smile that you always wear on your face, your bright blue eyes that just sparkle all the time, and I will never grow weary of that little giggle that just melts my heart. You are a tender soul, who has a lot of love to give to everyone you know. You desire to meet everyone you see, and always greet everyone with that warm smile and huge hello.

You show so much strength through that cute little attitude of yours. You know what you want, and how you want it and you are going to make sure others know your desire, but in the sweetest, and kindest way. You already have so much respect for those around you, you’re always polite, desire to be helpful, and you always enjoy enjoy a good conversation.

I love all your hugs and kisses that you bless upon me daily. You warm my heart, make me laugh, and encourage me to not take one moment with you for granted. I am proud to be your Grandmother, Mama, and Mommy!

I love you my sweet Selena!

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  1. Great post! I make them every month on my other blog. Selena sounds so much like Anna - a positive child with a lot of energy to share and a lot of love to give.

  2. Very sweet - I'm sure Selena will treasure your letters all through her life!

  3. What a sweet letter - you made me cry. You are so awesome to take such great care of your grandaughter. I love Selena's Science experiment & her art project. You are so selfless. :)

  4. You are awesome. Selena is a blessed little girl. What a wonderful family you are!!

  5. I'd been saving this post to read when I could sit down and really enjoy it, and I'm glad I did.
    She's going to treasure this in about 10 years.

  6. wow... what a great school day! I am praying about homeschooling my little ones. and now I just don't want to do it. But I see glimmers of hope for me... Thanks for letting me see what a glimpse of what a great time it can be!

  7. such a sweet letter! I love that you will be able to print these out and give them to her when she is older :-)