Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geography/History #11


We recently received a postcard from Live The Adventure, a family who is living and traveling the US in their RV. They have been so kind to send us postcards from their travels.

This first postcard from them had Selena really curious but stumped.

AlabamaFirst thing she noticed what that it said Monte Sano. She asked, “Why did I get a postcard from Montesano, I live here?” She recognized the name of her own town. It didn’t dawn on her that it is spelt differently. I had to work hard to explain that this Monte Sano is in Alabama, not Washington, that it is spelled differently, and though we looked it up on the map, checked out pictures of Monte Sano, I don’t think Selena ever did figure it out.

Alabama3We found Alabama on the U.S. Map and since it’s flag has a red X Selena colored it in with Red.

Alabama2  There were a lot more facts about Alabama that I would have liked to have looked at with Selena, but she just informed me, “I know about Montesano” and walked off. I will try to revisit Alabama again next week, this time leaving out Monte Sano!

I suppose this concept is a little confusing for her little mind. I am still cracking up over her attitude about this particular postcard.

We would love to see what your family is studying in Geography/History, please link up the exact post in the Mcklinky below. If you are new here, and would love to participate, then by all means link up any of your Geography or History lessons.

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  1. It's funny how this particular study turned out. Anna doesn't know yet that the World has more than one San Jose, but she can conceptually understand that there are other people which share her name. I think she can agree that this could be the same for cities.

  2. My youngest tends to get our state and town mixed up. Geography is a hard concept!

  3. Now that's funny. You'll have to show her how different the two places are. Too cute.

  4. That is so funny! Great that she recognized the name of her town - too bad it ruined the whole lesson! LOL!

  5. How funny! That is so cool she recognized your city name. And how much cooler is it that someone is sending you postcards of their travels? That is so cool!
    You won't believe what Princess did today, or more likely last night at some point. Seriously gross....... Ugh.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my France study. My son was very pleased that you liked his painting. Hopefully these nice comments will encourage him to continue (if he knows I'm going to post photos on my blog)!

    I'm enjoying all the posts on the states--next year we'll be covering US geography. That is funny about the two towns with similar names! I like the map idea and the postcards too. I need to start a collection!