Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Photo Moments


I was doing dishes this evening after dinner. Things got very quiet so I came around the corner to find Selena sitting at my computer. She figured out how to open her favorite games!

100_1793 100_1794

100_1795 100_1796

She must have played all three games over and over again for the next hour or longer. Now that is concentration. She tried my solitaire game and though she knows where to put the cards, and how to count them backwards, she didn’t have the fine motor skills to drag them where she needed to put them and got frustrated, but she will play solitaire with me, and tell me where to move the cards.

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  1. I love her look of excitement, and I am impressed with how proficient Selena gets with computer. She will be a child of 21st century for sure :)

  2. Seriously, this is so very funny!!