Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Birthday Girl

As I look back I just can not believe how much you have grown Selena. It seems like only yesterday we were preparing for your arrival. There was so much anticipation as Grandma made sure your nursery was just perfect and everything was ready to go. Now as December 14th comes near and you are preparing to turn 3, we are so proud to see how happy and bright you are. You are a joy to have here with us, and truly a blessing from God above.

You will actually get two birthday parties this year, you’re not spoiled, well, maybe just a little. On Wednesday the 9th we will have your friends from Olympia come over for lunch and birthday cake. Then on Saturday the 12th we will celebrate your birthday as a family.

Some special memories:

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Selena at birth.

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Selena at 6 mo. old.        Selena at 1 yr. old.

th_selenaxmas2008 100_1739

Selena at 2 yr. old.              Selena getting ready to turn 3!

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  1. Happy upcoming birthday to Selena! It's amazing to see how our babies turn into little girls right in front of our eyes :)

  2. Happy Birthday Selena! You are such a big girl.

  3. HOW CUTE!! Next year lets plan a co-birthday party! Bub's turns 3 on Dec. 13th!! I didn't realize that Bubby and Selena are the same age!

  4. Happy Birthday to the sweet girl

  5. What a precious little girl! Happy Birthday!

  6. This is a sweet post and such sweet pictures too.

    I have a question for you. As a parent, my kids are growing so quickly that I am sometimes saddened at the thought of them growing up. I don't want to miss a thing. I want to appreciate each moment of this journey as I mention frequently in my posts.

    My question, now that you are parenting a second time around, are there things you are doing differently, have a different perspective on to give advice to a mom like me doing it the first time around?

    You should post about this, if you'd like, I know others would love to have this insight and wisdom from you.

    I learn so much from your emails and posts and appreciate all that you share with me.

    FYI, I feel so good again, like "ME" and I am so very happy!

  7. Happy Birthday, Selena - you are such a sweet little girl and I love that smile of yours in all those pictures. You brighten up my day and I know you must REALLY brighten up your grandparents'!