Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas In Our Home


We started decorating our house for Christmas today. Selena is pretty excited and has to check each and every decoration out before it can be set up on the Mantle, the Piano, or hung on the wall.

She has been doing very well with her school studies since we are now approaching it in a simple manner, and not overloading with too many crafts. She has started wanting to do her workbook pages with so much concentration on what she is doing, her reading is settling back in to our reading time. Though she is still not wanting to work on phonics, so we are putting it up for a while. I believe this may be due to the fact that she knows the three letter words, how to sound them out, so it seems very repetitive to her. I think we will just take a break for the rest of the year from them and work on learning other word skills she will need to learn to read.

Today she did some pattern work, we took down the Thanksgiving hands, but using the same concept she put together red and green round Christmas Balls for our window. This time I pre-cut green and red letters, and after making her red and green pattern, I then scrambled the letters, and told her which letter and in which color we needed. She picked this pattern sequence up real fast that red letters would go on green balls and green letters on red balls, about half way through I was just calling out the letter needed to spell Merry Christmas, Selena would look at the color ball, and pick the corresponding letter in the correct color needed. I will have pictures of this in our week review. Unlike the Thanksgiving hands, Selena never once got frustrated, or tired of the project, she seen it clear through from start to finish and then helped me hang them in the window.

We will be making a lapbook on the Christmas Story, so I bought her a small Nativity set so she wouldn’t be wanting to play with mine. We will introduce the characters, and between now and Christmas she will start putting her Nativity set together, then on Christmas morning she can place baby Jesus where he belongs. We can then pack this small set up and make it into a family tradition for Selena.

This weekend we go get our Christmas tree, so I will be busy this week, hanging the lights in the windows, so they will be ready for the Tree to come in. This weekend while I decorate the tree with Selena’s assistance of course Papa will be hanging the lights out side.

All my shopping is done, except the stocking stuffers. We get our Christmas pictures taken this weekend, so I can get my Christmas cards out. Everything is coming together very nicely. It is so much fun to watch Selena’s excitement as she sees Christmas developing all around her, up and down the street, and now in her own home. I am looking so forward to the Christmas Parade they have here every year, and watching the excitement on her little face to see Santa.

Believe me there will be more pictures of our Christmas yet to come!

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  1. I can't wait to see more Christmas decorations and ideas.

  2. It sounds like you have a lot of fun getting back into routine. This nativity set looks really nice.

  3. Your decorations sound so nice - can't wait to see what you and Selena did! Also, I love the new look of your blog - very cute!

  4. I like your plan with school.

    We have been in decorating mode around here too.

    I like the pictures of your Nativity sets and can't wait to see more pictures of Christmas around your home!