Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lot's of Learning

We have continued to answer all the questions that keep stacking up daily from the numerous questions Selena asks. It is amazing how many questions she can ask in one day. How is a guitar made? Yes, we did a unit study on how a guitar is made which Selena found very interesting, but also brought about more questions. One fact she learned was that they only use 400 to 500 year old trees, so of course Selena wanted to know how to tell how old a tree is.

That led us to a study of counting rings on a tree. Selena learned not only can one find out how old a tree is by counting rings but also the history of the tree, including what the weather pattern was during the tree's growth. She will probably never see a stump or piece of wood the same way ever again.

Some of the other questions that we have been exploring which has been added to our list of things to learn, is why does the moon seem larger then it really is? One day coming home from town the moon was faintly seen in the sky it looked huge, as Selena put it, "The moon looks like it is going to crash into the Earth!" Later upon observation the moon looked it's normal size, so we were off to explore this Moon illusion, or Optical illusion.

One evening Selena insisted on knowing why men have more hair then women as she tugged and pulled the hair on Papa's arm. We are not quite finished looking into this but will report what we discover.

We are also looking into how animals survive the extreme cold weather, Selena has already explored and discovered how thicker the horses coats are getting. Along with this she is discovering how much less hair we are shedding during bath or shower time, so we are going to track this through the winter and again through the spring and summer.

Of course Selena is having her usual fun of decorating, and redecorating the Christmas tree again this year.
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