Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday


It is hard to believe that you are now 8 years old. You have done so much growing this past year. It is unreal as to how fast you are changing before our eyes. You have gone from that little girl so unsure of herself and full of anxieties to a young lady with confidence and loving life.

You have a best friend who has taught you so much about friendship, and given you so much more confidence. I have to admit that when you were born I always dreamed of the time you, your best friend and I would go shopping, to the park, out to lunch, and many more things. We are doing these things now.

You have your favorites, and not so favorites, but you challenge yourself through your least favorites, and vocalize very appropriate when it is just too much. You are opening up again and showing others just how gifted you are, and teaching everyone something they know nothing about. Your manners are so great, and you use them very appropriate.

I am so proud of my 8 year old! You are blossoming into a very intelligent, compassionate and sweet young lady. Never lose your sense of imagination, it will take you far!

Love Mama!

A few pictures of your birthday celebration:



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