Monday, December 1, 2014



We knew the year would come that Selena would want to try Trick or Treating. We haven’t in the past for several reasons, but I am not going to go into our reasons. I will say that I know in the years past she wouldn’t have handled Trick or Treating with her anxieties. This year as she insisted on a costume, I took her out and she chose this cute Ladybug costume.

We decided to take her to Chuck E’s Octoberfest. It was a lot of fun, and each child who came in the door in costume received 50 free tickets. We arrived at a time before all the crowds, and Selena had a blast. There were two girls there, that just took to Selena as she took to them, so the 3 of them had so much fun playing games and hanging out together.


Our Chuck E Cheese is in our nearest Mall, so after we finished up eating and playing there we went Trick or Treating through the Mall. We were very proud as to how well Selena handled the crowd of children, using her manners, and having so much fun. In the past I know she would not have done so well keeping her composure, and would have been in flight mode looking for anyplace to escape. We made it around the entire Mall, and had one happy but tired little girl.



Just look at all the loot she came home with. We have no regrets in waiting to experience Halloween. We know by doing so it truly ended up being a stress free, fun event for her. I can’t impress enough when you are dealing with a child who is twice exceptional, or deals with anxieties wait for some things until they are ready, it truly makes the event much more pleasant for everyone.

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  1. It looks like she had a lot of fun with Halloween.