Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a little girl who pulled quite the attitude about Thanksgiving this year, an attitude I did not like. I really did not feel like cooking a huge Turkey dinner and had suggested that we go out to eat. She was very insistent that her Thanksgiving was going to be the worse Thanksgiving ever. I decided it was time that she got a huge lesson in what the true meaning of Thanksgiving. We threw together a quick unit study of the first Thanksgiving, and it wasn’t long before Selena realized that the holiday should not be named Thanksgiving, but Giving Thanks. We postponed going out to dinner and I purchased a cheap turkey roast as Selena described it chopped turkey. I really wanted her to see what Thanksgiving is like for those less fortunate then her. I had planned on making ornaments for the tree that would be, “I am Thankful for….” and began the day out with Selena decorating the Christmas tree.



At dinner with every bite of food, Selena kept telling us everything she was Thankful for, the list continued to grow. We did the same thing, circling the table everyone taking a turn. Through out the entire meal we realized just how much we truly had to be Thankful for. I decided to dump the ornaments and after dinner allowed Selena to make her yearly ornament. This craft came from GreenKidsCrafts one subscription I have no regrets over signing up for. It has brought crafts back into our home.


With a small teak wood snowflake, Selena painted it the way she wanted to. Then after she painted I put glue over the wet paint and she sprinkled colored rice on it.


After it dried we picked out a picture to cut out and placed it in the little frame, then hung it on the tree.


On Friday we took Selena and her best friend out for dinner. We had a nice dinner at one of the local Casino Buffets.



Come back and read all about some of the other fun things we have been learning and Selena’s very first time of Trick or Treating on Halloween.

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  1. I wonder if there was something going around with our kids this past week or so and bad attitudes because it was certainly present in our house as well.