Friday, November 28, 2014

Catching Up


When I went on my blog break it was when our youngest grandson was hospitalized with Infant Botulism. He is home now and doing great, while he still has the feeding tube, he is recovering and making improvements quickly. We got to FaceTime with the family on Thanksgiving, and it was so nice to see how good he is looking. We are hopeful he will be able to get rid of the feeding tube, as he is eating more and depending less upon the tube.

Let me share a bit about this with you, I know I had never heard of an infant getting botulism before this. There is a form called infant botulism, that unlike what we think of botulism from canned vegetables. This form of botulism actually comes from the dust in the air. Babies breath in the botulism spores from dust, mainly in dry areas, and the spores either pass through the body, or they lay in the intestines where with no oxygen they begin to grow.

On October 30th my son called me and said that Jaxon didn’t seem like himself, was whimpering, and not really eating. At first he wondered if it was from teething, after I asked the numerous questions of teething symptoms I concluded this was not teething but a viral or something that needed the attention of his pediatrician. On the 31st they took him into see the pediatrician, who really could not figure out what was wrong and sent them home. As the day progressed Jaxon got worse, by the time they took him to the hospital he was paralyzed from the waste down, and could not cry or hardly smile. The specialists said it could be infant botulism or a neuromuscular disorder. After numerous tests we still did not have many answers, but the hospital had ordered the BigKid antidote for botulism, and was giving him meds to stimulate the muscles while we waited for a specialist to arrive to finish the testing. Right after the testing he stopped breathing, pretty scary! After the BigKid antidote was given he started improving within hours.

I do however, want to share some pictures before all this happened, I was so proud of my son and how much effort he put into his son over Halloween.



His stroller!


Jaxon sure proved that he is one Ninja, through all that he has been through!

Stay posted, as I have so much to catch you up on with what we have been doing in our home during this time! Halloween, Girl’s Night, and Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a cute Halloween costume he came up with!