Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Adoption Day!

We finally made it to Adoption Day, we were all full of excitement, but I believe Selena was probably the happiest girl on earth that morning. She definitely jumped out of bed, ready to jump in the shower and get dressed ready to go. I had my concerns as to how she would deal with the Security as we entered the courthouse, and then all the stairs we would have to climb to reach the third floor. Once at the courthouse though Selena was the first to walk through security, with her head held high and a smile that I don't think anyone could have wiped off. The only thing she was upset with was that they didn't use the wand on her like they had to Papa and myself, due to our belts. She couldn't wait to climb the marble stairs, the same stairs that a while back she informed me she would never climb again.

Her and Papa paused on one of the landings so I could take this picture before finishing their climb on up to the third floor. Once on the third floor we had to take some time to admire the beauty of this historic building. Selena loved all the stained glass in the ceiling.

It is really striking and beautiful when you look up to see all this lovely lit up art work. It really gives one a true feeling of the time era of when the courthouse was built, as well as the money that was spent to build it. Just to remind my followers this is the same building that Selena always called her castle when we would be driving by it. How fitting that our little princess would be taking this huge step in  her life in her castle.

We had a friend coming from Lacey, who planned on taking pictures and a video of the proceedings, but unfortunately we were the only adoption of the day, and as soon as our attorney showed his face, they quickly escorted us into the Judges Chambers. As we exited after the Judge signed the degree, our friend was making her way to the last two steps to reach the top of the third floor. That is right we did not get any pictures or a video taken. Believe me though I do not believe it will be a day we will ever forget.

Once outside though we did get the first picture of our family. For Selena there is still a lot about the adoption that she is beginning to realize and understand. She is thrilled though that she has our last name, and her forever home. She still calls us Mama and Papa, as well as Grandma and Grandpa, and I don't know if she will ever really call us Mom and Dad, but you know what neither of us really care. We waited 7 years for this day, and we all look forward to what the many years ahead hold for us.
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  1. Wow.. congratulations to all of you!! :)

  2. YEA! So very exciting, and it is fitting she got adopted in her castle.

  3. Mama and Papa and Mom and Dad are the same thing in my book! Congratulations.