Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Pictures

We didn't do Christmas cards this year, we chose to wait and send out New Years cards to celebrate the adoption. We are still waiting for the adoption to be finalized there was a mix up with the paper work, which has now been resolved so we are looking at probably a couple weeks out. We had a friend meet us at the courthouse to have a fun picture session. It was nice not going to an expensive photographer who would be set on a time limit, try to pose us in poses that would not seem natural to us. We really had a very relaxed, fun photo session. First I will post a few of the fun poses before I show you the ones we chose.


There were quite a few more which were very adorable and so much fun! Now for the pictures we chose.

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  1. The top picture is my favorite.

    Even though we made cards earlier, I have to admit we did not mail them out. They're sitting on the mess that is my desk buried somewhere.