Tuesday, February 18, 2014

George Washington Day 1

School has been such a struggle here this year, I must admit I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get Selena engaged. We have always had fun doing Unit Studies, but last year Selena chose to take a year off from them and just hit the books. We had a lot of fun learning through our curriculum books, but this year things again were just off. No matter what I tried to do I just could not get her engaged. Last week with Presidents Day coming upon I introduced Selena into George Washington. The light bulb turned on, and the gleam on her face was priceless. I must admit I was pretty thrilled, not only to know what she wanted now for school, but also to have the opportunity to get back to unit studies and the way I love to teach.

Today we started our official day back on track with Unit Studies and a deeper look into George Washington. Selena happily listened to the lesson, and took notes for her first journal page. I will be looking for a different format for her journal paper then the one shown above, but it was a start, and I loved to see her eagerness. We learned some very interesting information in our little study today. Now I don't think Selena will ever forget the important dates in George Washington's life, after all Selena and one of her brother's birthday falls on the same day that George Washington died, and get this her other brother was born on the same day as George Washington's Birthday. Selena also found it very interesting to learn that George Washington did not go to college but did his studies from home, this fact made homeschool seem just a little more special to her.

We read the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree by M.L. Weems. Selena was a bit disappointed when I explained that this was not a true story, but I did point out that it did serve as a great picture of George Washington's character. She then had fun cutting out the cherries to paste on her cherry tree. We also practiced our fractions by dividing pies from a whole pie, to halves, thirds, and fourths.

As on late I have been asking Selena to step up a bit on her basic math facts. We purchased a CD with the math facts set to a nice Rap beat. She is having so much fun listening, singing and learning everyday and I look forward to adding to this collection the multiplication and division facts.

I wasn't sure at first since this was RAP, but it is a decent RAP tune, and I can see where a child can easily pick up the beat, which is catchy making it easy for a child to memorize the math facts without even realizing she is.

We will still be working in our curriculum books, and work, but I promised Selena it would be at an easy slower pace, but I feel strongly that the reading, spelling, and math that she gets from her curriculum is important and well worth keeping up.

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  1. It is wonderful that Washington captured her excitement in school again.

  2. It's good that you are getting back on track. I was wondering how your homeschool is going since you were not posting much. A enjoys history a lot, and I tie a lot of other discussions to this subject.