Saturday, May 25, 2013

Field Trip to the Farm


As our homeschool community continues to come together and become more unified, we try to plan fun activities for the children. We were excited when the opportunity arose to join several other families for a field trip to Lattin’s Cider Mill Field Farm. This really was Selena’s first real field trip, so she didn’t really know what to expect at first. After samples of their homemade apple cider and apple cider donuts we all headed out for the fun. Each child was given a bag of feed with instructions to hide the bag from the goats.


They had chickens, peacocks, pheasants, ducks and turkeys. We hit it at a very fun and exciting time since most of the birds had eggs waiting to hatch.


All the kids were just in awe over the peacock. He was one huge fellow and just as beautiful as could be. Yes, those are peacock eggs waiting to hatch.


The real fun came when the kids got to feed the goats. As you can see Selena was being very careful not to loose her bag of feed to the more then willing goats who did take some of the bags right out of the kids hands.


Can you imagine two goats eating out of Selena’s small hand at the same time? She learned that goats truly do not have very good manners.


I think this was one of the highlights of the trip when Selena actually got to hold a lamb. She was pretty surprised that they allowed her to help hold this little lamb so I could snap a picture.

My favorites came towards the end of the tour. The turkeys and the pigs. Most of the kids thought that the huge Tom was so ugly, but excuse me I think turkeys are one of the coolest bird around.


Of course I have always loved pigs. My dad raised hogs when I was younger, so there is always a soft side when it comes to pigs.


The children got to finish their field trip with a train ride around the farm. Now how fun is that?



Of course we came home with some goodies, fresh made apple fritters, apple cider donuts, and apple cider. Selena also came home with a small peacock feather. You bet we will go back sometime, it was a lot of fun for all. Now Selena knows what a field trip is all about and best of all she was thrilled that Papa was able to join us, which made it even more special.


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  1. I love that picture of her on the ride. She is looking so much older lately Perhaps it is the glasses. My boys would have liked this field trip. They liked the petting zoo at the Strawberry Patch.

  2. "goats do not have good manners," so very true. But, they're so much fun!

  3. Great field trip! But, now I want an apple cider donut :( I had to enlarge your first picture - I have a hillbillyish brother living in Bucoda, and I thought for a second he had taken a job at the as a greater at the cider mill...hee, hee - but it turned out their "farmer" is just a good likeness of him.

  4. It looks like Selena had a great time! How neat that she even got to hold a lamb. We did plenty of goat feeding in petting zoos and they certainly don't have good manners :)