Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

This is the time of year when I fill up with melancholy, mostly it is more of a pity pot that I sit in, realizing that my brothers and I are not as close as my parents dreamed we were. It is also the time of year when I think back on my youth and miss the times spent with my parents, Aunts and Uncles travelling from cemetery to cemetery to remember those before us. I also have a big void since I am so far away from the cemetery where my parents are as well as where Papa’s parents are.

One thing stands true though these feelings do not last long when you have a child around. They read the mood and events of the day so differently. Selena has ran around reminding us all day long that it is Memorial Day. We asked her what Memorial Day means.


To Selena Memorial Day means the day to remember our freedom. The freedom to go outside. I posted this on facebook, and loved one of the comments I received:

I like that idea. The freedom to go outside. To be free from the fear that you could get shot if you go outside or that you'll be in higher danger risk of being snatched for human trade *shudder* That's not a freedom that some children have. I think today I will remember the freedom to let my children be outside and play. (Thank you, Selena. As they say "out of the mouth of babes.) and thank you Debbie for sharing! from Tess from Circling Through This Life.

Who can stay melancholy when a young mind is at work explaining their understanding of the world around them. I am off now to go prepare an inside BBQ of sorts since it is raining outside. Hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, and corn on the cob.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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  1. To be honest, for us Memorial Day is just a day off. We celebrate VE-Day as more meaningful for our family... How strange to think that in our family one side spent a lot of effort trying to wipe out the other side in the WWII, and here we are - happily married :)