Friday, May 17, 2013

Finding Time to Blog

Remember this post when I finally came open with the many sides of Selena. Well, we discovered that the melatonin they tried her on to help her sleep actually ended up making her OCD and anxieties worse. The Pediatrician we were going to didn’t have any answers that I could absolutely except. After have a couple nights this week where Selena didn’t sleep as well as she should have which made for two very trying days we decided it was time to get a second opinion.

Today we met with a Pediatrician that we had seen when Selena was just a baby, but due to the drive we had switched to one that was easier to drive to. Anyway I was very pleased to drive the hard drive to take Selena back to Chehalis to see this pediatrician. She spent about an hour with us, asking many questions and observing Selena the entire time.

Instead of telling us to just put Selena in more sports and get her more active in things that seem to make her anxieties worse, she suggested taking her to their psychologist that they use as well as taking her to University of Washington for further screening. She dismissed the need for an IQ test just like we did, as well as didn’t like the idea of having to wait until Selena is 8 before trying to do something to give her some help with all these anxieties.

I like the fact that she wants to make sure that we are not dealing with ADHD, Autism Spectrum, or Aspergers. While I feel we are not, well maybe a little ADHD, it is comforting to know that this pediatrician is going to look into everything and totally come to understand Selena for who she is before suggesting any type of treatment.

I am always reminded when I am graced with the struggles of raising a little girl who can rob herself of so much richness due to so much stress and anxiety that she will grow to be just fine. That so long as we don’t just except what we are told and keep looking for better answers and better solutions, somehow we always have someone placed in our path to do just that.

I know my blog has suffered a bit during all of this, but I know my time with Selena is exactly what I am suppose to be doing. I also know that things will get back on track and I will again be blogging and sharing just like before. I remind myself that once again I am just in another season of life raising a bright, healthy little girl.

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  1. We all go through times like this, and it's best that you're taking the time to help your little girl :)

  2. I hope you will find the answers you are looking for and Selena gets help she needs. (((Hugs)))