Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break

We hadn’t planned on taking much of a Spring Break, but I guess it just sort of happened. The last two weeks have been filled with appointments fun and time off from studies. Now that our rain is back I would love to just pick back up and get back where we left off. Next week though, we will begin again next week.

Selena had a dentist appointment to get sealants put on her teeth, but yet again her anxieties got the best of her and she just could not go through with it. They were even going to give her extra sedation for her anxieties but she could not get enough courage to even take a taste of the medication. We’ve come to wonder if the benefits of the sealants really will out way how anxious and stressed she gets over all of this, but then I remind myself should she get a cavity she does need to realize and understand it isn’t all horrible to have them work on her teeth. I don’t really know how we will proceed from here.

It is times like this though that I realize we have come a long way helping Selena deal with her anxieties but we still have a long way to go too. It also reminds me that even the BEST children specialists sometimes just do not know how to deal with every single special need child. I don’t mean to sound like our dentist treated her poorly, but did make a comment that she needed to learn it is unacceptable for her to not cooperate in his office. I understand his point, but at some point we need to understand the needs of our child and realize how hard this is for them. Do we force them to be cooperative and compliant under any situation they face or do we allow them to have a little awareness of how they feel and be able to speak up and say this is truly something I do not want to do?

I sway back and forth on this issue, I want Selena to be strong willed and stand up for herself, and stand against what she feels is not right for her, though I also want her to have the understanding that sometimes we have to move beyond our fears and anxieties and cooperate when it is in our best interest. I suppose I have come to the resolve that in order to help her, we are just going to have to let this ride at this point, and continue to work with her and her control of her emotions and anxieties. I know she will eventually realize the difference of necessity and being in actual harms way.

On another note, Tuesday evening Selena had a Disney Princess party to attend with the girls from church. They were doing a slumber party but we did not stay for the entire night of fun. We did however, stay about 3 hours and Selena had a blast. They had a nice dinner of spaghetti. Then moved on to make-up. Selena put on her own make-up just like the older girls did, and I have to say she did a very good job doing so. I am hoping to get my hands on the many pictures taken that evening here soon. Right now I have this one to share, early on in the evening before the fun began.


We’ve also been having fun babysitting this week. Selena has had so much fun having her friend over. These two girls have known each other since Selena was born, they grew up together, yet from kind of a distance. It has been of late that her mom and I have become more acquainted. I look forward to Selena spending more time with this friend, she is such a sweet girl. It’s been a real pleasure having her here, for being 7 years old, her manners and maturity is far beyond her years. She is such a sweet and a good influence to have around Selena.


Thought it was so cute and ironic that they were dressed in such matching outfits. No, this was not planned!

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  1. You are posting an interesting question on when to let our children stand up for themselves and when to overrule them. I guess this is when the parental wisdom plays the role - ability to tell the difference between being truly scared/overwhelmed and between habitual bad behavior. It's great that Selena is spending more time with other kids - perhaps watching someone more mature will be a good influence on her.

  2. Hmmmm, that is a good question, and it really depends on the situation I think. There are some times they need to be overrideden, and I've had to do that with my kids who were not wanting to go upstairs by themselves in our house. But, then there's the times they are genuinely scared and you need to let them calm down.