Monday, April 1, 2013



On Friday we decorated our Easter eggs. Selena was so excited that she could actually do most of the decorating by herself. I wanted to do so much more and try some of the different decorating techniques I have seen all week but our weather suddenly changed and we actually have had above average temperatures and lots of sun so we spent most of the time outside.



I have no fun Easter pictures to share this year. It seems that at some point during the night Selena woke up and raided her Easter basket and found almost all the hidden eggs while Papa and I were sound asleep. I woke at 4:30 to find an empty Easter basket and a pile of already opened Easter eggs. When Selena finally got up about 7:30 she began to cry and sob since all the fun was already over and she realized there would be no Easter pictures for this year.

We had ham, potato salad, baked beans and pineapple for dinner, which was very yummy. Selena spent most of the day outside in the beautiful weather. We still ended up having a very nice Easter, though I did miss Church, but Selena just couldn’t stop sobbing and crying over spoiling her own Easter fun, so we opted out of Church.

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  1. Awwww, poor girl. My brother did that one year at Christmas, and he was upset he got caught (young boys don't wrap presents well, and it was rather obvious).

  2. So sorry that Selena couldn't wait until morning. I guess curiosity got the best of her.

  3. Oh no! Maybe you'll have to rehide the eggs just for fun :).