Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Princess Selena

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As I mentioned during our Spring Break Selena was invited to a Disney Princess party. I just love the above picture of her. The evening was so much fun for all the girls. I just truly wanted to share some of Selena’s highlights of the evening.


To think when we first arrived Selena seemed a little reserved. I think she was truly just over joyed that she was going to be a part of this exciting evening, and I know she had many questions as to what they would do at this party.

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All the Princesses before the fun began. I think you can tell they were all pretty excited for this evening.

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Can you tell they were all pretty excited to dig into the makeup? Selena did her own makeup with no assistance from anyone, she wanted to be like the older girls, don’t you know? After she got her makeup on I was helping her pick out her fancy jewelry.

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It is kind of hard to see in the above picture but Selena was not sure about ear rings. She really thought we meant we were going to put holes in her ears. She has talked about getting her ears pierced, but she definitely is no where ready for that one. It took me several attempts to prove to her that these ear rings definitely would not put holes in here ears.


Then Sunday Selena was presented with this photo all framed by the minister’s wife, so she can always remember the fun she had the evening she got to be a little Princess.

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  1. She is an adorable princess.

  2. Looks like so much fun!

    I agree, she's an adorable princess.

  3. What a fun evening. Selena makes a very pretty princess :)