Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring in the Air


After a cold morning on Saturday, it didn’t take long before the sun warmed us up enough that we could venture outside, get this without our coats! That morning Selena had her first team meeting for Softball, to meet her coach and meet the team. What a difference this year is going to be from last year, her team consists of 9 girls, that is it only 9. I truly think we will see a huge difference in how the game is played from last year. Of course one can only guess what Selena had to pull out the minute we turned her loose outside.



It is TBall Season!

Of course she had to check every corner of the yard for signs of Spring. I think she had to know where Nibbles was going to hibernate, it didn’t take her long to find him/her.



I love the way that Selena just admires her Papa. They took a long walk together, then came home to sit and just relax and enjoy the warm sun.


What would the first very nice day be without Selena taking over the camera for a look at the world through her eyes?


He most interesting find, which we have yet to determine what it is, all we know is that it is attached to the stump as if it grew there, it is sticky but look how bright yellow it is. If you have any ideas of what this might be we would sure appreciate help identifying it.


We hope this is the beginning of some much desired warmer and dryer weather headed our way. It was so fun to get out and begin to explore our world after what seemed like such a long Winter, though we really had a mild Winter, we just had so much sickness. Our Motto right now is Bring On Spring!

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  1. Yay for spring. I forgot how it is to have a "real" winter. We could use a little more rain, it's been a rather dry winter here. I think Anna had to be driven to school only twice, the rest it was dry in the mornings even if it rained sometimes later in a day.

  2. Hmmm...... Is it some form of tree sap?