Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bountiful Basket Week 5

For those of you who are considering joining in on Bountiful Baskets one question you might ask yourself, “What about the volunteering?” I did my first round of volunteering this weekend. I arrived on site at 5:30, the truck was already there and the volunteers were beginning to arrive. When the truck backed up and did all the paper work, we unloaded the truck. Really there were plenty of us so this task took no time, just a little muscle. Don’t worry if your not able to lift the boxes which are not that heavy, there is still room for you.

Once the truck is unloaded, and the boxes are all sat in a line, the baskets come out. There are two to three distributing vegetables and fruit, the rest go down the line with the baskets, then place them in the appropriate pick up place. We were all done and ready for everyone to come and pick up their baskets by 6:00, outside of clean up and breaking down boxes for the recycle bin.


We had plenty of yummy things in our basket along with some new treats to try.

1 Bok Choi (now we have never had this, so for those not familiar with it I guess it is a Chinese cabbage, good in stir fries, soups, or raw in salads)

2 Leaf Lettuce

2 Bunches of Radishes

1 Bunch of Asparagus

4 Small Green Peppers (I will probably chop and slice these off, blanch and freeze for future use)

2 Garlics

3 Lemons (These will be chopped and froze for future use)

3 Mangos

1 Box Strawberries

14 Bananas

We had never tried mangos before, so it was a sweet treat on the side of our breakfast plates this morning. I know those will probably go fast they were so yummy as will the strawberries, and of course the bananas never last around our home.

We will try a few different things with the Bok Choi, I haven’t really decided what yet but will share as we do.

This basket will not go to waste that is for sure.

The one thing that Selena was really hoping for was a Spaghetti Squash, she really wanted Spaghetti for dinner and now does not want traditional Spaghetti. We stopped by the grocery store and yes, I spoiled her by buying one, if she is that happy with a vegetable, then you bet I don’t mind buying it every once in a while if we don’t get it in our basket.

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