Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Homeschool Adventures


It’s been awhile since I took time to share what we have been working on in our homeschool. First let me tell you that I am so very pleased that Selena enjoys our curriculum so well, that we get no arguments about getting in and just doing the work, and she is always ready to start school as soon as she finishes her morning routine of eating, brushing teeth and making her bed. She usually is the first one at her desk and is pulling my chair over and getting my teaching tools ready for me. Now is that excitement or what?

Social Studies:

Social Studies has taken us from relationships with friends, and parents to a very nice walk through creation of the earth, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. This has been fun exploring with Selena, our resources that follow our curriculum is of course our Bible and some great discussions on obeying, sinning, and forgiveness.


Science tends to move hand and hand with the Social Studies, up until now. With Social Studies coming more about people in the Bible, Science is moving on with the study of Seasons, why we have the different seasons and what is happening through these seasons. When our study of the Seasons is over we will be leaving Earth for a while and will study space, the moon, and other great planets and stars.


We’ve made our way through simple addition and are now working our way through subtraction. I am pleased that while so much of the math seems like a review to Selena, she is showing more confidence in her abilities. When not working right from her math book, she continues to explore math through fractions, grouping, measuring, and has even started basic multiplication.


I was fearful that English might be Selena’s least favorite subject, oh was I so wrong. We have moved from beginning sounds and ending sounds to now writing entire words based on their phonically sounds. She has moved from copying one word to full sentences and is learning a lot about punctuation. Selena has been able to move from the text book and has began to write more on her own, including notes and letters to Papa and myself. She has even been helping to create our grocery lists.

Extra Fun:


We have set Selena up with her own laptop computer at her desk. I have loaded some games and learning materials on it for her. The one above will be explained in more detail in an upcoming review next week. Selena has a lot of fun playing on her own computer and has asked when we will allow her to go online with it. I am sorry that will not be anytime soon my sweet girl. She is allowed a little time on my computer to go to safe internet games and of course we still do a lot of research on my computer for many things we want to learn more about.

At Home:

Selena still enjoys being my little helper. She helps with the dishes, loading and unloading the dishwasher. It is her responsibility to keep her room clean and her toys picked up. She is also having a lot of fun learning all about the different fruits and vegetables that we bring home in our Bountiful Baskets, as well as tasting each and everything in them. She is finding many new foods that she truly enjoys eating as well as all the new ways that we are preparing food.

A quick note on the eye patching, I am happy to say as soon as school is over, Selena is asking for her eye patch, and wears it for the entire time, 2 hours as she plays on her computer, reads, writes, or just plays.

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  1. It's awesome that all is well in your homeschool and that Selena is enjoying her Curriculum.