Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Patchmekids Eye Patch Review


As many of you know we have had to start a regime of patching Selena’s good eye to improve her sight in the eye that has Anisometropic Ablyopia. We tried the type they sell in most pharmacies which involves adhesive tape to hold it in place. We had a couple issues, first complaint Selena had was sitting for two hours having to keep the good eye shut, the other was she began to break out from the adhesive tape on the bandage looking eye patch. We also tried a black pirate looking eye patch, but discovered quickly that it did not fit that well and had many issues of it’s own.

This Grandma was going to find something that would work and that was all there was to it. It didn’t take me long on to discover the greatest eye patch ever designed. From what I read on the reviews, and the website I felt this was a patch that would be fun, comfortable, and the fact it was washable and reusable meant a lot of saved money. I purchased the Hello Kitty eye patch from Patchmekids at Amazon for $14.75.


It arrived in great condition, kept safe in this nice simple plastic sealable pouch. This pouch will be so perfect for keeping the eye patch in when it is not being used as a way of keeping it clean and easy to find. These are so easy to use and I believe to be well worth the money as well as probably better then any other patching system on the market.


Made from felt with a cute design on the front, yes there are designs for any age or sex of child. The back again a very soft felt is black, perfect for blocking all light from the good eye. The stitching is so well done and it has no clumpy seams to bother the child or dig in anyplace.


The patch slides easily on the glasses, just slip the ear piece through the patch. It is so simple most children could even put the patch on themselves. Once you pull the patch on around over the lens there is a small button hole for the nose piece to slip into which helps hold the patch in place and a good fit on the face.


The benefits to this patch, well number 1 your child does not have to keep the good eye closed, so that in itself makes it more comfortable. Also because it does wrap around the glasses and closes off around the nose piece it allows for no sight through the good eye, nor light refracting into the good eye registering the brain to read it. All the brain is going to read from the good eye is blackness. That is important because the purpose of patching the good eye is to make the brain register what is being seen by the bad eye, while making the bad eye do all the work, that the good eye has been doing all the time.



We both recommend this eye patch, it receives a huge thumbs up from both of us. You will discover on her website at that she has quite a bit of information concerning lazy eye. You can discover that these are Ophthalmologist Approved, as well as testimonies from others who have used her patches. You can also learn more about how her patches are helping children in orphanages who struggle with lazy eye. I encourage you to check her site out as well as considering purchasing this type eye patch should your child have a need to use one. I know we will never use any other type of eye patch again.


I purchased this patch for our own personal use. I was not asked to write a review nor receive anything in return for my review. The opinions stated are truly from our personal experience of using the product.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write such an awesome review of my product. I am touched and encouraged to keep at it! I am so glad this patch will help your grand-daughter regain sight in her eye but most of all, it will help make a 'sticky' situation a HAPPIER one!! I know first-hand how difficult it is to make a child wear an eye patch and how hard it is to make them understand the importance of doing it. I am so happy to know this patch makes that job a bit easier!! Keep up the good work and of course...HAPPY PATCHING! Sarah

  2. Does the eye patch completely block all light? Or is it just supposed to force her to use the other eye?

  3. I think it's also nice looking making this whole exercise a lot more fun for everyone involved. Great review, Debbie!