Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look at What We Discovered


See the blossoms on our Rhododendrons? That is right they are trying to bloom. Seems unreal when we look at the pictures of all the snow on the East Coast after the blizzard, that we would look out to discover blooms already opening up with color in our front yard.

I usually base our Spring arriving by the first Robin that shows up in our yard, but this year not all the Robins migrated, that is right we have had Robins in our yard throughout the entire Winter. We had to rely on something else to indicate that Spring is coming a little early in our neck of the woods. Well, I guess we discovered our answer. We noticed that our Lilies are greening up, but I didn’t give that much of a thought until yesterday when we discovered these little red blooms.

It’s been a mild Winter, and with it only being February I hope these little blooms are not poking their head out too early, but it is still very warming to see them. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see an early Spring, the first year we lived here we were getting ready for an early Spring with friends on their yacht enjoying the warm days on the water.

We are sure ready to begin to get outside, so we are saying bring Spring on already! It seems like it has been such a long Winter already considering all the down times with Selena’s tonsils though truly our Winter was mild and short.

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  1. We don't really have winter here - we usually define spring when fruit trees start to bloom. Some of them are already out, but not all of them. I am hoping this clear weather stays for a long weekend!

  2. We had a mild winter last year and it was so nice! Glad you got one this year to make up for your cold summer!