Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Good Friends

Yesterday we woke up and Selena was so excited, she was having the one friend who she has known since day 1 coming over. I was looking forward to the day, the chance to visit with my friend of 20 years. I read something a while back, and now can’t remember where I read it, but it said something like, “Good friends can go for a long time without seeing each other or talking, and just pick up where they left off.” That is just the way it is for this family and ours.

To think we met when we both lived North of Spokane, when I had one of her daughters in my AWANA club. Our friendship quickly developed, and has endured over all these years. We’ve seen each other through the fun times, the rough times, encouraged, helped, and supported each other. I just can’t imagine my life without her in it.


The day was perfect for the two girls to play outside. Funny how the morning was wet, and at times we had rain off and on, but from the moment they pulled into our driveway the skies got blue, the sun was out, it was a very pleasant day. The two girls spent quite a bit of time outside, swinging on the swing, playing too many games to list according to Selena, and searched for insects together.

In the house they played with Selena’s doll houses, which by the way use to belong to this family. They played hide and seek, tea party, and I truly do not know all that they played. They just had so much fun together.


It is always so special when we can spend time with friends, and even more special when we have such wonderful memories that we have made through the years, and knowing we have many more memories yet to make.

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  1. I agree - having old friends and maintaining friendships over time is so important! Glad you all had fun!