Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Work In Progress

There is one room in our house that has been a sore thumb since we moved into the house. Papa insisted it would be turned into an office and so an old desk he has had since forever found it’s home in there. He doesn’t use an office so it had become a catch all. While the closet on one side of the room became our coat closet, and storage for all my assorted holiday decorations, and art and craft supplies, the area where his desk sat became a sore thumb.

I mentioned several times that this room would be perfect for a pantry, if only we did not have the desk in there and got some shelves. About three weeks ago my sweet husband finally gave me permission to shop for shelves. I knew what I was looking for but for the life of me, I could not find anything similar to what I wanted. I finally found a smaller version of what I was looking for and decided a person has to start somewhere.

Yesterday, we tore down his old desk, and removed it from the house. Before that happened though we spent a week or so, eliminating all the stuff that had found it’s home in this room but didn’t need to be in there. We had homeschool books that were not being used, workbooks that had been given to us, that would never make their way out of the boxes, and all sorts of odds and ends, even a bin that had a mixture of Selena’s toys, books, and a few forgotten things that had made their way into it when we didn’t know exactly what to do with them when we moved in. You know just those fun items that just don’t seem to fit, but someday I will find a place for things.

While Papa took his old desk, which was a nice desk in it’s day, to the dump I sat forth to put together my shelves and make this room more functional.


We do plan on getting more shelves, but this is surely a start, this small shelf did remove all the can goods from my kitchen leaving me more cupboard space in there for organization. Not that I don’t have enough cupboards and drawers in my kitchen, but having all my food in pretty much one area sure does make for shopping lists much easier. Also the elimination of the huge cardboard box that I had stuck right in Papa’s way to hold all my canned goods  and pantry foods in made this corner look a lot cleaner.


This other corner, became home to my secretary’s bureau. There is still some organization that needs to be done in this corner, but this will truly make it much easier for Papa to have just the right amount of space for all that important mail and bills that come into the house.

Yes, you see right there is Pal’s little man cave sitting here, and I still have to figure out what we will do with it. I think to move it from this room though would probably shock poor Pal to no end. As I stated this room is a work in progress, but believe me it already looks better then it did before we started.

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  1. Do you have in IKEA near you? They have some neat pantry shelves. How nice to have a pantry!!