Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Thanksgiving


We took the week off from school. We already had to miss Monday when we took Selena to the ENT Specialist. Basically we are in a wait and see what happens, more antibiotics and hoping that this strep and tonsils will clear up and not be problematic. We had an early appointment which was good, it was raining hard when we left home and by the time we were returning home the winds were picking up. We got in the house just as the winds really got super bad. Thankfully we did not loose power, but many here in the area did.

Tuesday we were going to bake bread, but instead we again rode out another storm system that blew through. It felt good though just to be lazy watching a Disney movie with Selena and just enjoy each other.

On Wednesday we finally got in a did our baking. Selena was so excited about helping me with the baking that she was all over the kitchen. My first attempt at bread ended up being tossed out since her distractions proved to be too much and my dough did not turn out. I finally made her a deal, we put in the Disney movie again, and I promised she could help me bake the pies if she just let me get the bread done.


When it was time to do the pies, Selena decided to calm her excitement down and did most all the mixing for me. She was proud to see her pies go in the oven then come back out finished.


Once our mess was cleaned up I have to admit all I could manage was mac & cheese for dinner. Not my idea of a great dinner but I was tired from all the baking.

We had a very good time on Thanksgiving. The food was perfect. On our menu of course was the Turkey. One would think Selena had never seen a turkey before, she even named it Eats. We also had dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh broccoli, and a layered green salad. Selena thought it was funny that we had baby corn in the salad. I showed her that we actually eat the entire little cob, but she insisted that the thought of that just did not seem that appealing to her, so she nibbled on hers like she was eating corn on the cob. Dinner was very good, with pie for desert. I think Selena’s favorite part was the pie. We finished the evening off with a good chat by telephone from our daughter and son. A few more Disney movies, and Papa even fit in a basketball game.

We had leftovers the following day, and of course Selena had to have her baby corn on the side of her turkey sandwich at lunch. I couldn’t resist in using Papa’s idea of putting the cob holders on it and getting a cute picture of her nibbling away on it.


We plan on just being rather lazy this weekend and enjoying our time with Papa.

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  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me!

  2. I remember being immensely excited about my first pies I made.

  3. Great Thanksgiving. We ended up taking the rest of the week very easy too as everyone is battling a cold. I have to control Anna's excitement quite a bit to be able to do things in the kitchen.