Friday, November 30, 2012

My Sweetest Selena

In just a couple of weeks you will be turning 6 years old. Mama and Papa can’t help but wonder how you got so big. It has been so much fun watching you get to this marvelous point in your life and a time we wouldn’t have wanted to miss for anything.
The past few weeks you have been asking so many questions about when you were younger. Asking about the day you were born, what you were like as a baby, when did you start to walk, about when you were 2, 3 and then telling me all about when you were 4, 5 and now reminding me that you are turning 6. With all these questions I thought it would be fun to just take a look at the different phases of your life.
You were the sweetest baby, from the time you were born. You were a good sleeper and for the most part only woke once a night. Guess who got up with you every single night, with every whimper you made? Your Papa, even when Mama had it all under control, he was up making sure his little angel had everything she needed. I miss the cuddles, the sweet smell of a new born baby, and watching you change with each passing day, the first smiles, the first coos, as well as having you depend on me for everything.
Just look at the chubby little cheeks full of such excitement on your first birthday. You were off and ready to explore your world with such a contagious giggle, laugh and smile.
One thing you always appreciated was good music. You were a dancer, a shaker and mover and a ham at age 2. Your favorite artist at age 2 was James Blunt. Now you love Adele and her song Rumour has it. You even begged me to download this song to my phone and set it as my ringer tone for a while. I finally got tired of it and changed it on you, while you were not that happy about that, you still beg to listen to it quite a bit.
From the time you turned 3, your world became so much your life. You loved to explore your world and you still do. You’re happier when we can get outdoors so you can explore everything from every rock, ant, flower, bee, tree, and cloud. You are my little science girl, and know more about science then many adults know, from how a bee makes honey, to kinetic energy, to how raptures hunt for their food. You care enough about nature to even take the time to make sure there is pollen in the flowers so the bees can pollenate, and make honey.
At 4 years old we moved to our new home. At first you were very unsure about this move and at times would beg to go back to the little house. One thing was a constant for you though, the great outdoors, where you could always use your imagination and sense of humor to keep us laughing. You have since adjusted to your new home and while you still ask about the little house you love all the room you have.
Then the many faces of being 5. This past year has brought about so many changes. You have grown so much physically and emotionally. It has been a fun year watching as you lost so much of the little girl look and began to look so much older.
Papa and I look forward to what the next year will hold, but our love for you will never change and I am sure your love for life and the great outdoors will always carry you through for another year of joy, fun, and excitement.
Love you,
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  1. This is a sweet post. Time surely flies fast. Happy upcoming birthday to Selena!

  2. She really is growing up so much. What a fun post to read.