Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a very productive week even with the consideration that we were dealing with Strep throat around here. Selena was very happy to be back to homeschooling, I don’t know what ever made me think of trying public school. Anyway we tried and are now very happy to just have her home learning and watching her grow.

I already mentioned that Selena loves her curriculum and she works very hard in it. We only ordered the First grade Science and History until we decided how she would really take to it, well since she loves it, and the fact she has already worked all the way through the math book I had here at home, we have placed our order for the Math and English books as well.

This week took us into a new discovery of loving to learn to write. She finished the entire section of History and Science, completing the quizzes all on her own.

We did a quick unit on sheep since her curriculum at this time introduces a lamb named Baba. I found a very nicely done unit study from Wyoming that we printed out and incorporated our geography lesson as well.


We incorporated a Bible lesson when Selena asked, “Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?” I basically had her compare all the things we get from sheep, clothing, blankets, and food, then we compared this to all the things Jesus blesses us with. For a little deeper meat we looked in the Old Testament to how they sacrificed the first born or best lamb which was in atonement for their sins. Then jumped to the New Testament and Selena’s understanding of what Jesus did for us. It wasn’t long before she caught on and announced, “Jesus deserves the title of The Lamb of God!”

She insisted that I try to teach her to crochet. While she did get a few stiches made in a simple chain, she finally decided she would wait until she is a little older to try learning this again.


It wouldn’t be Autumn without some leaf crafts. We found some leaves which we tried to identify what trees they came off of. We then did some leaf rubbings.


What would our week be without a Science experiment. After a record dry spell we finally got rain. I decided to revisit an experiment we did a few years ago. Selena had fun making clouds and rain in the kitchen while she learned and made observations of the clouds in the sky as we learned more about clouds from this site.



We had a very fun and exciting full week back in the homeschool world. We look forward to learning so much this year.

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  1. I was actually thinking about teaching Princess some crochet stitches also. I"m not very good at it, but she LOVED the sewing I taught her yesterday and making "fancy stitches."

  2. I'm so glad the homeschooling is working out! You might try Selena on finger crochet (or weaving) - my younger girls like to do that when I'm crocheting with the hook.

  3. I know I have pinned on Pinterest FINGER knitting/crocheting that looks interesting. Wonder if that would work? My daughter is learning to crocket potholders. But my youngest son wanted to make potholders too so I got him one of those potholder LOOMS from Walmart for $5. He's quite happy with it!

  4. Your week looked like SO much fun! I am so glad you are back to homeschooling. You are so very creative and come up with so many hands-on things to do with Selena. I hope you have a great weekend! Many blessings, Lisa

  5. What a great week! I felt the same way when I brought my Katie home after three days in public school. I am looking forward to seeing all your homeschool adventures.

  6. It looks like you are very settled now into your homeschooling. Sorry about strep throat - it's so very uncomfortable!