Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Weekend

Our bone chilling cold rain has arrived. With that said we spent the weekend inside just having fun together as a family. Friday our homeschool group had their annual Fall Party. I knew Selena was pretty excited, as well as stressing quite a bit about this event. She just doesn’t handle large group activities. When I say this many think she is shy, but just the opposite, she is my little social butterfly. I sometimes think this is the problem, she so much wants to be friends with everyone and is taken off guard by those who do not respond to her bubbly personality. She stressed over this event to the point she broke out in hives. We did not stay for the entire party and came home early.

Things will be changing quite a bit, so we spent time discussing this with Selena. Papa is going to start working four 10’s and have Friday through Sunday off. This will mean that he won’t get home until about 6:00 instead of the usual 4:00. Selena looked up and so sweetly informed him, “We will just eat dinner before you get home. You can just eat when you get home.”

On Saturday we enjoyed some fun hair play. It all started with simple braids and finally I talked Selena into leaning way forward as I did her hair up in a pony tail. She was quite surprised when she sat up to discover this:



On Sunday Selena had Team Kid. She handles Team Kid really well, but I give so much credit to our Pastor’s wife for this. Selena is making a few friends through this time and we are hoping to get a few of the girls over for some play dates. Then of course we have to remember we have a Birthday coming up in December.

While we will be staying indoors quite a bit more now, I know we will not have many dull moments with all the energy that Selena brings into our lives.

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  1. Princess suffers from that too at times. She gets too overwhelmed and can't gandle when it's time to go

  2. Big events can be stressful for many kids. I hope Selena will handle the schedule change and will enjoy having Papa home for another day.