Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Curriculum

I just can’t tell you how much Selena is so loving her curriculum. We went with the first grade PACE sometimes known as ACE. I am so glad I chose to jump up one grade, while right now it is very simple for Selena as far as the reading goes, it will get more difficult as time goes by. Now I did order only the Science and History. It is not a text book, but very similar to the LifePacs which are disposable. There is 12 booklets to each subject, with activities from coloring, picture and word matching, dot to dot, reading, phonics, and writing. For the first time I feel Selena is totally engaged in all aspects of her school work. Each booklet focuses on a Bible verse, with the story or information supporting that verse. They actually repeat the verse daily, and as it starts out they maybe finish writing a key word, to eventually writing almost the entire Bible verse.


As you can see from clicking on the pages above, that Selena has the opportunity to circle the correct answer, but we are asking that she attempts to write them. Some days are more successful then others, but she is finally over coming her anxieties of trying to write, and having fun with it. I like the less formal way she gets to learn to write over the writing programs we have purchased that she just does not get into.

Besides these two subjects we also are reviewing phonics by reviewing word families that she was working on last year. This year she is much more interested in this, and it helps that we have the white board up so I can write the words on it rather then reading them just from the lists in a book.

Math, she is using her math book last year, for learning to write her numbers. It also covers the basics of simple addition and subtraction including telling time, basically all the math one would expect to find in Kindergarten. I make it more of a challenge by doing much of our math from the white board or again creating problems that need our math buddies and manipulates to solve. I probably will order the first grade math from PACE after Christmas, I wish I would have ordered it when I ordered the rest of her curriculum.

We then come off with lots of ideas for Unit studies that include our geography. As you read yesterday our first Unit study was on Sheep, which fit in very nicely with our curriculum.

We are really looking forward to so much fun and learning this year.

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  1. It's great that you found something that Selena loves. Sometimes it makes all of a difference. Good luck!

  2. It sounds like the perfect fit for you. I love when that happens.