Tuesday, October 16, 2012


While it is in Selena’s Science curriculum that we are talking about sheep, well the story is about a lamb, I wanted to take a deeper look into sheep with Selena. Upon my research through Google I came across this fantastic Unit Study put out by Wyoming. I went to print it out but discovered I am out of ink, so off to the store I will go this evening so we can print this out and add it to our Geography scrapbook.

After reading this Unit study on my computer and taking many notes since we couldn’t print it out we set out to explore much more with our maps. I made one discovery I didn’t know, I always thought of Wyoming as being the State where most sheep are raised, but that is not the case we learned that:


Texas is the State that raises the most Sheep. Wyoming comes in third. We had a lot of fun using our State cards to find each State where Sheep are raised for either meat or wool, Texas, Wyoming, California, S. Dakota, Montana, Utah, Iowa, Oregon, and New Mexico.
We didn’t mark them all in our scrapbook but picked out a few that were fairly close to home.
I think the fact that Selena found to be the most interesting that she learned today is that Sheep have no top teeth, in fact the roof of their mouths are hard making it easier for them to cut grass for their food. We will be looking more at sheep as we go along. We did take time for a little sheep play:
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  1. Well, I am not surprised considering the size of Wyoming and Texas. Sounds like an interesting unit!

  2. I am so happy to see a geography post from you again!

  3. I wonder what the second state is.....

  4. I love how you are making so many great connections in your study of sheep. Thank you for sharing.