Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Official Day of Homeschool

Monday Selena was so disappointed that we had to go to Olympia instead of starting homeschool. She rebelled a bit but then got herself ready to go. We had a good visit with the Pediatric Psychologist, and he no matter how many times he tried to trip Selena up, or confuse her, he just was not successful at all. At one point as she was busy playing her little game of rescue with the puppets, he pulled out two rescue hero figures that Selena had never seen. He had to put some pieces together on them, and then proceeded to play with them. He then called Selena’s attention to these new toys, figuring that she had not been paying a bit of attention to what he had been doing at all. Just the opposite, Selena took the new toys, knew exactly how they worked, how they came apart as well as how they went together. He concluded our appointment with, “I do not see a thing wrong with this girl except being too smart and maybe a little immature.” Now this is a diagnosis I can live with since it truly is what Papa and I have been seeing and saying for the last year.

Tuesday we started our official first day of school. As soon as I told Selena we would get our showers and dressed and start school, she ran to her desk and took out the folder I had already explained would be filled with independent work.


I guess I need to get some more simple workbooks as Selena had all the independent work done before I could even begin to run her shower. In here was some cutting exercises, number mazes, and writing sheets with both the alphabet and numbers.

After our showers and both were dressed we sat down to begin our first official day in school. Selena had so much fun revisiting phonics, with emphasis on consonants, vowels, and syllables. I got a kick out her telling me a word is made out of continents, vowels and syllabuses. There wasn’t a word I could think of that Selena couldn’t figure out how to break the word up by syllables, and forget the clapping game, she could tell me how many syllables the word had just from the sound of the word.

We moved onto a little math after that. Selena demonstrated her counting ability then we moved on to some other math work in her book. It was all review, so it was all very familiar and easy for her. I will add though that this time around where it asked that she write numbers, she didn’t hesitate one bit but looked at each number carefully and gave it her best shot to write the number needed. While in no way were they perfect, which I didn’t expect, she sure got an A for effort!

She is now teaching all about consonants, vowels, and syllables to one of her stuffed animals. She asked me to rewrite the alphabet on the board for her, and she has correctly underlined all the consonants, and vowels with different colors, (blue for consonants and red for vowels) she even showed her stuffed animal how to recognize the syllables, and taught it the clapping game.

We look forward to getting the rest of our curriculum in, as Selena really did want more.

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  1. It's great that she is so excited. Good luck keeping her interested and engaged!

  2. I'm so glad that things seem to be working out. I'm excited for you to get the rest of your curriculum... I love that sort of thing. :)

    Best wishes for a fun and productive year!!