Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Book Of My World Review


We received Big Book of My World by Kall Stileman from TigerTales to review. Selena and I have been talking for sometime that we need to make a question box for the numerous number of questions that she can ask in one day. As I thumbed through this book I thought it would be fun to give us some inspiration to create that box, since this book is compiled of all questions.

As we sat down to read the book, Selena was quick to listen to the questions and go right to work to find the different objects in the pictures. I kept reading until she was beginning to lose the interest. This is not to say that she didn’t like the book, but it is a book of 48 pages all pretty much the same thing. I would recommend if you read this book with your child, especially a younger child that you use the table of contents and do one section at a time.

I appreciated the fact that the book is broke down into such neat sections, covering a range of ideas that any young child would enjoy. The recommended age is 3 years to 7 years, which I would say is about right, but keep in mind there are things in the book that a 3 year old may not understand and things that a 7 year old might find too repetitive or immature. I really see this as a strong book that could grow with your child should you purchase it when your child is younger. However, with an almost 6 year old, I found quite a bit of the book to be too young for her.

Over all Selena was not that impressed with the book, I consider this to be in part to her age, and abilities, I do feel a younger child would appreciate the book and enjoy learning through the sections. This book retails for $14.99 at Amazon, but right now it is on sale for $11.66.

We moved on to make our question box. I had a large plastic Margarine container. I asked Selena what she thought she could do with it. She chose to help me wrap it in purple construction paper then proceeded to decorate it.


Of course when it was finished Selena had to put some questions in it, after all it is a question box. Her questions consisted of, “How does a radio work?” and “Why does the earth spin?”



Selena was very proud of her question box, and throughout the rest of the day asked to add more questions to it. Every time I asked her what question she wanted to put in, she didn’t have one, but she did say “We will fill it up soon Grandma!”

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  1. Interestingly, it was Anna's favorite book in the box. I don't know why she loves it so, but she does. The other books she only read once, but she keeps looking at this one again and again. Cute question box and a thought provoking first question from Selena.