Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Weekend


Even with the cooler temperatures, lack of moisture, freezing at night and the changing leaves, we were graced with one lasting flower bloom on the only tree in our yard. These little flower clusters bloom every Spring, so to discover this bloom in Autumn is very unique. I think it is even more beautiful nestled in among all the red and maroon leaves of Fall.

Saturday was the first day that we were not invaded by such heavy smoke in the air from the fires burning here in the Northwest. Selena and I got up early and headed out shopping. She has a skating party coming up on Friday and informed me that she needed a new bicycle helmet or she wouldn’t be able to go skating. We’ve never been skating before, so I thought it was interesting that she would consider her safety first and foremost.

When we got home, Papa decided to give the vehicles one last wash job before our rains (hopefully) begin soon. Selena is on this kick that everyone is big enough to do something, so she headed right out the door to help him wash the vehicles.

DSCF1175 DSCF1176


She worked very hard and her reward was being sprayed by the hose as Papa rinsed the soap from the vehicles. She came in pretty wet, and cold, but one happy girl because she helped Papa. We feel very blessed that Selena truly does want to help with all aspects of things we do. We do not have to ask twice, nor bribe her in anyway, she just jumps right in and helps in anyway she can.

One last chuckle came though before Selena came in, she got to throwing her rag up in the air and then letting it go splat on the ground. Suddenly she announced, “My rag is on the roof!” Sure enough she missed judged and her rag landed on the roof of our house. Yes, I did get the ladder and a stick and got the rag off the house, but we still got a great laugh out of her little antic. Never a dull moment with Selena.

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  1. Sounds like a nice and productive weekend. Selena is such a good helper!